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Estonian motorsport athletes tell how they train in the emergency situation

The motorsport season ended due to the emergency situation before it could properly start. How do Estonian athletes train under restrictions? Priit Biene, Meico Vettik, Marko Rohtlaan, Mihkel Osula, Hardi Roosiorg and Harri Kullas share their experiences.


Priit Biene, enduro


“The big picture of my training plans didn’t change,” says Biene who competes for the Johansson MPE Yamaha team at the FIM Enduro World Championship. “I managed to finish my riding training camp in Spain and got home on time.” 


“When I got here, I was told by the team to hold back with the riding a bit and do more physical exercise. With the physical training the only change we made was that we moved with Coach Ants Kiisa from the Audentes Hall to the Hiiu forest, where training is moving forward in full swing.”


Biene is even pleased that the current situation gives him time to work on basic form – with longer workouts again, and as soon as it becomes clear when the first World Championship will be scheduled, the training plans can be modified accordingly.


Harri Kullas, motocross


The opening round of the British Motocross Championship in mid-March was canceled and Kullas (Cab Screens DEOS Group Honda) made his way home to Belgium and is now in self-isolation there. In Southern Europe, it is currently not possible to ride motocross at all. In Belgium / Netherlands / France /Britain all tracks are closed, as well as all events have been canceled until 3 May.


Therefore, Kullas is engaged in general physical training – cycling on the highway or off-road, running, doing exercises indoors and out in the yard to keep fit. “As the season only starts in May, if not later, I’m going to take it a little easier at the moment,” says Kullas. “There are many options, you only need to have the will to use them,” Kullas does not let the situation deter him. 


Training solo is also not unusual for him, as he is usually used to doing it on his own anyway. There is so much time now that he can also do all the repair and maintenance work on the bikes and cars in the world. 


Watch the video on how Kullas and his partner Lisett’s first week of the corona crisis has passed. NB! Kullas has promised to update his corona diary every week.


Meico Vettik, motocross


Vettik, who took P5 in the opening round of the European Championship in Britain in early March, has a short answer: “We’re still training! We have bars and dumbbells at home, we are still allowed to ride in Estonia, so it is good that we are at home! ”


Marko Rohtlaan, head of the Vihur Motosport club


“At the moment we have paused our trainings. We are waiting to see how things will develop,” says Rohtlaan. “Riding practice is actually not bad, the riders are wearing protective helmets anyway and the required distance is also available on the track. But there are no formal training sessions at the club.” 


He adds that it is easier with general physical preparation as you can still run almost anywhere.


Mihkel Osula, circuit racing


“Since pre-season training is more focused on endurance anyway, there are many alternatives to training in the gym and other indoor facilities, such as cycling and running,” the defending Superbike Estonian Champion Osula (Vihur Motosport) says. “I’ve also been setting up my running sessions so that there is a strength training station along the path that is perfect for an upper body workout after cardio work.”


On Monday, this was still an option for Osula and other athletes in Estonia. However, as indoor gyms were closed, outdoor workout facilities began to be buried under the heavy use of the folk and the Government has since decided to close the outdoor gyms together with playgrounds, etc.


Hardi Roosiorg, motocross


Hardi Roosiorg (Sahkar Racing), who recently came from abroad, was first quarantined for 14 days. He lives in the countryside, so that the general physical preparation can still continue by running and various exercises. “I try to move as much as I can and do things to prevent boredom,” says Roosiorg.

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