Kalaarsenal.ee website

Simple one-pager website for the specialty fishmonger Kalaarsenal.ee.

Project info

The Kalaarsenal fishmonger in Tallinn’s Arsenal Center is a Mecca for fish connoisseurs. A fresh selection of many fish products is offered, the service is pleasant, efficient and professional.

Kalaarsenal has a unique hotsmoking oven, where melt-in-your-mouth plaice, eel and other fish are prepared – freshly smoked fish is offered daily.

The client wanted a simple website that would give a quick overview of the products they offer, information about the location, opening hours, etc.

The web is designed as a one-pager, the slider in the header also works as a menu item, from each slide a link leads to a new information unit on the home page.

As the main communication channel, the store uses its Facebook page, which is also linked from the homepage.

Unique hotsmoking oven

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