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In Taoism, the Estonian word ‘anum’ (a vessel) represents one fundamental concept, a filled void. It is the environment and power of renewal.

Anum Media is your partner who helps to fill the void with new ideas and initiatives.

The Anum Media brand belongs to Arengu Kirjastus, the company was founded in 2004.

Helen Urbanik, foto Egert Kamenik
Helen Urbanik
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I have been working in communications since 1993, I started in the publications Äripäev and Eesti Ekspress and published the Estonian motorcycle magazine Motomaania.

I have been a journalist, editor, translator, project manager and marketing manager in various companies and projects.

I like to listen to the stories of people and companies and I try to tell them to the audience in an engaging way.

Website Development

I create and develop websites on WordPress.
I obtained my BA at the IT College, majoring in technical communication. I focused on the usability of IT systems and creating simple and user-friendly websites.

Events and Projects

I have been together with great people at the birth and organisation of several awesome events starting with motorsport World Championship and European Championship events. But I was also a member of the Seniors Festival team in 2011-2012 and was a volunteer at the Opinion Festival in 2013, and a drafter of the Impact Day festival project applications in 2023.

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