Marketing of Worxpace PRO

Veoki Pealisehituse OÜ is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the production of truck superstructures and Worxpace PRO mobile workshops.

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Veoki Pealisehituse OÜ is a company that can make every maintenance technician happy – and as you know, if the worker is happy, his boss and employer are also content.

The mobile maintenance workshops (mobile workshops or service trucks) produced under the Worxpace PRO brand are primarily intended for companies engaged in the sale and maintenance of heavy equipment, which have to go to the field for maintenance of large equipment that is not practical to bring to the workshop for maintenance. But VPE has also built workshops for changing tires, setting up tents, making TV broadcasts, for racing teams, etc.

Anum Media is the company’s partner in all communication activities, from writing texts to managing social media campaigns and the websites and

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