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Helen Urbanik

I have 20 years of experience in media and marketing both in Estonia and internationally. I have studied IT and English. 

I’ve worked in major media outlets like Äripäev and Eesti Ekspress – I know how important the deadline is. However, I have also volunteered in exciting niche projects, such as the Opinion Festival, Tallinn Design Festival or the Estonian Fund for Nature.

In the Estonian industrial sector there are great projects in production and specialists with amazing skills work in Estonian companies. 

I like to delve into their activities and help tell their stories to a larger audience. Each product helps to solve someone’s problem. It is my job to transform these solutions into gripping stories.

In addition, I help companies prepare applications and reports for Enterprise Estonia, Leader and other grant agencies.

Communication for production companies

I love motorsports

Motorsport athletes are a little different from ordinary people, in my opinion. Seemingly tough and fearless, but inside they are the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met.

From 2013 to 2017 I worked as Secretary General of the Estonian Motorcycling Federation. Today I am a member of the EMF circuit racing committee and involved in the organization of several top level events. I help to take care of the media relations of a number of motorsport athletes, such as Hannes Soomer (circuit racing) and Priit Biene (enduro) who participate in the World Championships.

I am constantly learning something new and am open to new ideas.

Contact me and let’s together create something that is liked by you, me and other people as well. 

Helen Urbanik, General Manager of Arengu Kirjastus OÜ

I like new challenges

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