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Anum Media

Anum Media is primarily engaged in communication and marketing for motorsport and industrial companies and web development on the WordPress platform.

The Estonian word “anum” means “vessel” in English. In Taoism, the vessel denotes one of the basic concepts, filled emptiness. It is the environment and force of renewal.

Anum Media is your partner who helps to fill this emptiness with new ideas and projects.

The managing director of the agency, Helen Urbanik, has worked in major media outlets like Äripäev and Eesti Ekspress since 1993.

In 2007-2011, we published a motorcycle magazine Motomaania in Estonian together with a group of friend.

I have been a journalist, editor, translator, project manager and marketing manager for various companies and projects.

I enjoy listening to people’s and companies’ stories, and I try to retell them in an exciting way.

Media for motorsport and industries

Web development

I create and develop websites on the WordPress platform, working on, for example,,,,

I have had the chance to share the experience of creating and organizing many cool events with amazing people. For example:

Motorcycle exhibitions MOMA and Tallinn Motor Show in Tallinn

FIM Enduro World Championship events 2018 in Tallinn and 2020 in Kuressaare,

FIM World Junior Motocross World Championship in 2017 at Lange Motocenter,

Addinol Motocross Estonian Championship Series 2014-2017,

Motocross Estonian Youth Cup 2014-2019,

Kiviõli Motofestival and the World Championship event,

the 2011 communication project of which was noted as particularly successful by the organizers,

Supermoto World Championship and European Championship event in Kuressaare in 2012,

the Elderly Festival Team Member 2011-2012,

Volunteer at the Opinion Festival 2013.


Events and projects

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